Vanessa Jeswani

Vanessa Jeswani Nomad Lane

Vanessa Jeswani (5’1’’) and her husband Kish Vasnani are the founders of Nomad Lane, a business that crafts thoughtfully-designed travel accessories.

Vanessa began her career working in digital marketing with companies such as Estee Lauder, American Express, and British Airways. While she found these opportunities to be interesting and rewarding, she was determined to be in the driver’s seat of her own business.

Not long after beginning her career in digital marketing, Vanessa had begun to lay the groundwork for Nomad Lane. With her marketing know-how, she prioritized steadily building a brand over selling an actual product, which was a major key to the ultimate success of the company. Building up a travel-based brand was an authentic effort for Vanessa, since travel had been for her and her husband much more than a leisure hobby or business activity. For Vanessa and Kish, traveling served as an integral part of their love story. From the motorcycle rides on the streets of Mumbai to ATV-ing across the hills of Mykonos, the two fell in love on-the-go. It was this love that overflowed into a passion project — Nomad Lane is not merely a business selling travel accessories, but a project to facilitate the joy of well-prepared travel with high quality, well-designed, handmade products.

Vanessa’s story is a perfect example of how passion makes for the best product. Nomad Lane stands apart as a travel-accessory based brand because of its strict attention to detail and sincere care for great travel experiences. From meticulously picking out the best artisans to handcraft the products to surveying travelers to see how they pack; these are all marks of careful, passionate ownership that make Nomad Lane truly stand out as a company.

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