Emily Lau

Emily Lau The Little Bra Company

Emily Lau (5’2’’) is the founder of The Little Bra Company (TLBC), a company that specializes in lingerie for smaller-framed women. Emily started The Little Bra Company in 2007 because she couldn’t find any attractive bras that fit her smaller frame and chest. As Emily put it “the bras that fit better looked like training bras, and the ones that were sexier did not fit quite right.”

She used this as inspiration to design a bra specifically for petite women. In the same way that petite-sized clothing fit a petite woman better because the shoulders, waists and inseams are proportionately narrower and shorter, all details of TLBC’s bras are scaled down to better fit and flatter a petite frame. As Emily’s business has grown, it has evolved beyond just offering the petite woman a specialized fitting bra to now offering a complete bra wardrobe—everything from a fashionable lace push-up bra to a sports bra, so that the petite buyer will have everything she needs in her lingerie drawer.  

Prior to starting The Little Bra Company, Emily worked as a writer/producer for the History and Discovery Channels. As a TV writer, Emily learned how to put together compelling stories and captivate an audience which has helped her build TLBC brand and business. Moving forward, Emily’s vision is to continue making her products available to as many petite women as possible. On that end, she’s working with some international partners and distributors to extend her company’s reach globally.   

Vanessa Youshaei