Rachelle of Pink Sole

Rachelle Pink Sole

Rachelle describes herself as “a regular girl with a corporate job in IT and a very real budget”, and her blog is all about finding fashionable, affordable pieces for the average woman. She has to balance blogging with a full-time job, but she says planning and discipline make it work. Her weekends are often dedicated to Pink Sole, whether she’s shooting new looks, planning out content, or learning new photo editing softwares. Rachelle characterizes her signature look as feminine with a twist--she has a lot of classic staples but likes to play around with colors and trends. Living in South Florida, she embraces light, airy summer styles. But while it is never truly sweater weather, she still has tips for fall/winter looks: she recommends that petite girls look out for well-fitted camel blazers and faux leather jackets to pair with booties. In the past few years, Rachelle says that her style has evolved quite a bit, and she loves being able to document that through her blog. She also really enjoys working with brands she admires and connecting with her readers. Blogging is not without its challenges, especially with the pressures of social media to stay relevant and produce content on a regular basis, but Rachelle does her best to focus on her own process. Her hope is that her readers see themselves in her blog and are inspired to embrace their style. She wants PinkSole to be an honest portrait of herself: a woman in her 30s who dresses for herself and does so with confidence.