Astrid Armijos

Astrid Armijos allthingsastrid

Astrid has loved fashion since she was a little girl, when she dressed the mannequins in her mom’s clothing boutique. She has since gone on to study fashion merchandising at F.I.T. with a specialization in product development. Now she works at The Children’s Place as a sourcing assistant for denim, women’s bottoms and jeggings, which she juggles with running her blog. Astrid is proud of her independence and fearlessness, which have helped her navigate college and the fashion world. Not only did she move alone from Florida to New York to pursue her degree, but she also came to the U.S. from Ecuador at age 13 and learned a new language and culture. Her Ecuadorian heritage is still an important part of her life--her passion for style comes from her family’s culture and attributes much of it to her grandmother. 
Astrid says she puts a lot of time and effort into her outfits because it makes her feel beautiful and confident, and she hopes to inspire her readers to feel the same through their clothing choices.