April of the Blue Hydrangeas

April Blue Hydrangeas

A typical day in April’s life is busy from start to finish. As a medical doctor, blogger and mother of four, she truly does it all. Her mornings and evenings are devoted to her kids while her work day is spent taking care of patients, so blogging is fit into nights and weekends. April says that balancing the three is incredibly difficult, but it’s worth it: she is able to do the gratifying work of helping others while staying in touch with her creative passions. While The Blue Hydrangeas is about two years old, April began her blogging career in 2007 as a newborn and maternity photographer. She took time off from blogging after starting a family of her own, but came back to blogging and photography after realizing she missed having a creative outlet. Now April spends her weekends creating content, with her eleven-year-old daughter taking all of her photos. She loves searching for new shoot locations, styling outfits and capturing the beauty in everything around her. As we continue into 2018, April is looking forward to growing her blog and seeing where it takes her. In February, she’ll be leaving the Midwest for the Caribbean warmth to collaborate with a hotel, and she hopes to work on more projects like this in the future. But even as she pursues her career and blog, April’s family is at the heart of everything she does--most of all, she is excited to watch her children grow into the wonderful people that they are.