How a Personal Challenge Sparked a Business Idea

Like most businesses, Petite Ave was born out of a desire to solve a personal challenge. Standing at just 5’0’’, Petite Ave’s founder Vanessa always had trouble finding fashionable clothing that fit. This caused her to spend a lot of time and money on alterations, buying clothes from the kid’s section, wearing clothes that were too big, and relying on the petite section which was usually extremely limited. That’s when the idea of a one-stop shopping destination sparked - a perfect way to expand the available options for women under 5’5’’. Aside from making it easier for petite women to find clothing that fits, our vision is to create an empowering community for a group of women who are underrepresented in the fashion industry and beyond. We’re here to create a #petiterevolution and are so excited to have you join us.


The Team

Vanessa Youshaei

Vanessa: Founder & CEO

Petite Ave lies at the interaction of Vanessa’s two passions: business and fashion. She graduated from Emory University with majors in marketing and finance and then spent over three years working at Google in sales, marketing and program management. Inspired by her dad who has successfully run his own company for the past 30 years, Vanessa always knew she wanted to start something of her own one day and couldn’t be more excited to make her dream a reality.


Sergey: CTO

Sergey is the head of tech at Petite Ave and a true entrepreneur at heart who has started many successful ventures in the past. Sergey is a graduate of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University with majors in information systems and technology. After graduating, he held several software engineering jobs and led an entire IT department.

Dorsey Craft Headshot.jpg

Dorsey: Content Writer

Dorsey is a poet at heart and the content writer at Petite Ave. Dorsey is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Poetry at Florida State University, and her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Crab Orchard Review, The Massachusetts Review, Mid-American Review, Ninth Letter, Notre Dame Review, Rhino Poetry, Sugar House Review among others.


Uldis: Advisor

Uldis is a successful serial entrepreneur who is an advisor to Petite Ave. He co-founded Infogram.com, a popular infographics creator, which scaled to reach millions of users. Infogram was acquired by Prezi in 2017.